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The platform of the restaurants with fixed Menu and All you can Eat

How it works Athena Sharing

How does it work? 

Athena Sharing not only allows you to meet people by bringing them together at a social table, but also allows you to make classic reservations providing you with an excellent searching tool. With Athena Sharing you can quickly search for a good restaurant in close proximity (neighborhood) by making a reservation, knowing beforehand the exact amount you ‘ll need to pay

The private table

The restaurateur: Emanuel, owner of a splendid restaurant in Rome decides to create a certain launch menu for the employees of the offices in the area (neighborhood). He decides on a menu with a first or second dish between three choices, coffee and water, in the total price of 7 euros. He then chooses to post the menu on Athena Sharing in a way that anyone searching on the internet is able to track down his offer..

The client: George, a student from Rome only has a one-hour break in order to have launch and hungry as he is, wants to find a restaurant nearby as soon as possible. He decides to search for the closest restaurant in the area that will provide him with a good menu at a reasonable price via the app of Athena Sharing. Athena Sharing suggests Emanuel’s restaurant and George opts for it. After a pleasant experience, George subscribes to Athena Sharing and types in his phone number so as to get notified every time a similar menu pops up in his vicinity. Using a simple nickname our app makes the reservation with no need for him to prepay for the selected menu.
The social Table 

George decides to go to Thessaloniki, Greece with friends. There, they use the social table app of Athena Sharing to find a table at a nice restaurant where they can eat well at a good price while mingling with other people. Athena Sharing notifies them of such a table available for the next night where they can enjoy Greek cuisine and wine of their preference. Everything is great: the place is really nice and well organized so they choose to make a reservation. The following night they find themselves dining with three french tourists and two locals. They have a very pleasant and fun night sharing their stories and passions while enjoying good food and wine. The nights goes on …

The pub

George and his friends want to keep the fun going so they decide to use Athena Sharing yet again in search for a pub, having had such positive experiences at the social table. They manage to find a really nice place: a boat that has been made into a pub with an open bar so that you can drink by the sea at the mere cost of 10 euros per person. The pub’s ratings are promising so they book a table at once. You may read how their night unfolded in the comment below: ‘Thessaloniki was a dream come true … the people, the food, the Greek music on the streets … It is a city that’s earned a place in my heart and this boat makes it one of the most romantic destinations I’ve ever been to.’ 17-10-2016 George

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